Today is the first day of 2023, I want to write a year-end summary, to review some things in 2022. It is also a review of myself.

Year-end Summary of 2022

2022 was not a very smooth year, it seems that everyone is not doing particularly well due to the economic downturn.


I have been working in Singapore for more than a year and a half. Because Singapore does not have four seasons, every day is actually similar to the previous one. Working on infrastructure in the current company, there is actually a lot of growth, after all, if the company is bigger, the scenarios encountered will be more extreme, and the amount of data that needs to be handled will be larger. Therefore, many requirements naturally arise from these extreme scenarios, and individuals can learn and improve from them.

In the second half of 2022, almost all companies were laying off employees, and my company was no exception. Some of my colleagues were laid off, including front-end and QA colleagues who work together every day. This is very heartbreaking. We were discussing requirements in the morning, and they were called by HR for communication at lunch.

This also made me realize that layoffs actually have nothing to do with your work ability. Workers still need to constantly polish themselves. Only when their core competitiveness becomes stronger and stronger can they have a place in the market when it fluctuates.


In 2022, my partner and I were hit by Omicron, I feel that I have been entangled with this brain fog for a long time, until October 2022, it was a bit better, but there are still some impacts, such as memory decline, attention decline, slow thinking, low mood, etc. I hope that in the new year, I can strengthen my body. The body is the capital of revolution.


Because there are no special attractions in Singapore, there is no special travel, just played in some countries around Singapore, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.


I have actually been to Malaysia a few times this year after the lifting of the lockdown. All you need are two vaccine doses and a Malaysian visa to go. However, I only went to JB, which I didn’t find particularly exciting. The cost of living is somewhat cheaper than in Singapore, about 70% of the level in Singapore. But I do love the Musang King durian in Malaysia. If you like durian, you can go to JB during the peak season.


I went to see a ladyboy show in Thailand, which was quite shocking. It left me a bit disoriented. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend experiencing it. Bangkok has many malls and vehicles, so the traffic situation is not very good. Seafood is cheaper than in Singapore, and it’s all very fresh and sweet. My favorite place in Thailand is Pattaya. It took me three days to learn how to ride a songthaew. I was amazed that such an interesting mode of transport exists. The price is very cheap, similar to taking a bus, and you can see the sea view. It’s really great.


Near the end of the year, my partner broke her leg falling down the stairs. She had two surgeries, one for dislocation and one for inserting a bone pin. Fortunately, she recovered quickly and can now walk slowly without crutches. It’s important to take good care of yourself when you’re away from home.


This year we bought some interesting things:

  • Air fryer: Very useful for making popcorn chicken.
  • Projector: It came in handy during the World Cup.
  • Electric toothbrush: The only downside is that I always can’t find the charger when I want to charge it, but it’s still very useful.
  • Panasonic Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries: My HHKB only needs to change batteries every two months.


  • “The Pomodoro Technique Illustrated”: I still didn’t use it properly in the end. [[The Pomodoro Technique|The Pomodoro Technique]]
  • “The Art of Loving”: A psychology book. [[The Art of Loving: A Guide for Men to the Science of Love|The Art of Loving: A Guide for Men to the Science of Love]]
  • “Lee Kuan Yew: The Grand Master’s Insights on China, the United States, and the World”: I finished reading it all. Most of Lee Kuan Yew’s predictions are quite accurate, and it also made me understand Singapore better.
  • “Surviving the Future”: This book gave me more imagination about the future world and made me think more about the future of mankind.
  • “DDIA”: Keep reading it
  • [[Outsiders|Outsiders]]: China after the reform and opening up, it tells the story of land reform, which gave me a deeper understanding of China’s land system.
  • [[Code|Code]]: A masterpiece, I read 30% of it carefully. It goes from simple to complex, from physics to computer science.
  • [[1672416618-NNPU|Mastering Regular Expressions]]: I don’t think it’s as good as Randy said, maybe because I didn’t read it carefully.
  • [[1672416425-IKTH|Practical Vim]]: Vim’s basic editing functions are already very powerful. I tell myself not to be too obsessed with plugins.


I have been involved in neovim for the second half of this year, actively participating in the community in my spare time outside of work. I feel that the neovim community is very active. A few days ago, I supported jq-lsp on nvim-lspconfig and listed some todos. I didn’t expect that these todos would have PRs in two days, and there were also buddies who promoted the PR of upstream vim to be merged. I am really touched.

Competitive Sports

Although everyone is not very smooth this year, I have seen many exciting games. Some are weak and strong, and some are due to tireless efforts. In the end, they are all gratifying.

  • Warriors team
  • Dragon fork
  • Argentina/Messi


Time flies too fast, and 2022 has passed in a blink of an eye. What I want to say is that you need to experience and feel more to slow down time. If the length of life is the length of life, then the places we have been can be considered the width of life, and the people we have loved and the emotions we have experienced. Finally, I wish everyone a happy new year, good health, and all the best.